Back Relationships at Area Level

What are the objectives of the Area Officiating Committee / what do they do

These are:

  • Locally appoint to Area Leagues and Competitions as requested and required
  • Deliver the Umpire progression and support pathways for adults and juniors within their area
  • Be the first line of support to Club Umpire Developers
  • Work alongside Area committee to advise on league regulations concerning officiating, competition arrangements, etc and
  • To analyse local trends for successes or to highlight areas to develop to the Officiating Working Group

To assist them with this, they will work within delegated decision-making parameters from the Area, to ensure that Officiating is continually supported within the Area for the benefit of the game.

As the Area Companies have Directors (as they are an incorporated organisation), the directors are ultimately responsible for decisions made on the Area’s behalf, so any decisions that majorly impact the current provision or delivery of hockey within the area could be overturned by the Directors.

It is, however, encouraged that the Areas work like a lot of current governance organisations where decisions are made by the overall committee, with fair representation presented to ensure decision making is not made in isolation.