Governance Review

A robust governance structure that allows for maximum participation in hockey within a safe environment


In 2017 a resolution was put by clubs to the England Hockey AGM and was strongly supported by the membership to review the way the sport was structured locally. At the England Hockey AGM on Tuesday 15 September 2020, the membership of England Hockey took the decision to support the proposed structural changes set out in A Structure Fit for the Future. Over 250 delegates attended the AGM electronically and the vote supported the resolution with 86% of votes received being in favour of the resolution (53.4% of the membership voted with the vote result 894 to 146 and 13 abstentions).

Through detailed research and a travel mapping exercise undertaken pro-bono for England Hockey by Llamasoft, an operational logistics company, a new structure of eight areas has been agreed to more equally divide the balance of clubs and players in hockey in England. Throughout the consultation England Hockey made it clear that clubs would be allowed to request their area to play in if they feel in, or are in close proximity to, a boundary. 

Adult leagues and competitions will be led by the eight areas, as set out in the proposal, to a common rules framework across genders and areas which will help to make the lives of administrators, from both clubs and associations, easier across the sport. 

Please see the documents on this page for further information regarding the structure and the history of these decisions. 

Junior competition provision is currently patchier across the country than for adults and the local implications will vary. Mostly the changes will bring more consistency of structure and alignment based on the good practice that is available already. A framework is provided through this proposal for junior competition that allows for the necessary local flexibility according to demand with festival, central-venue and home and away provision within the framework.