Fun, fast and safe hockey for young people aged 7-11 years old


Junior hockey in clubs caters for players of mixed ability, experience and gender, and aims to introduce hockey in a fun and safe environment. Playing hockey is a great way to meet new friends and get active.  Anyone can pick up a stick and play the game, regardless of previous hockey experience. 

Most clubs compete in friendly age-related competitions and enter teams in local tournaments and festivals. The exact nature of activity within the club varies depending on the size of the club, the facilities and the deliverers they have.

Quicksticks is a popular format for 7-11 year olds. The game is four-a-side, very easy to play and ensures lots of touches of the ball to provide many opportunities to practice and develop skills. Quicksticks hockey uses a larger, lighter and safer ball that players find easier to control.

Use our find a club page to search for the opportunities available at clubs in your local area. As every club is unique we recommend following up with them to discuss suitable options. 

 Useful questions to ask are:-  

  • What sessions do you run that might be suitable for my child?
  • What can my child expect from their first session?  
  • Can my child borrow equipment?  
  • Is there a cost? 
  • What should my child wear?