It's Your Turn To Pick Up A Stick This Summer


It’s your turn to #PickUpAStick

Feeling inspired by International Hockey like the Commonwealth games?

Are you looking for something new to try or just looking to get back into hockey?

There is something for everyone. You can find Your Local Club, Vitality Back To Hockey  or Walking Hockey sessions and even Hockey Heroes sessions for 5-8 year olds.

Hockey is a sport for everyone and we pride ourselves on being inclusive. Clubs across England play at all levels and have different programmes to suit your needs. You can find out what programmes we offer here.

Be sure to check that your local club has what you're looking for and share with us @EnglandHockey on FacebookTwitter and Instagram when you #PickUpAStick

As well as their regular sessions, some Clubs are also running special events over the next few weeks alongside the Commonwealth Games, so take a look below to see what is happening this summer at clubs in your part of the country: