Talentopia is used to help explain the Talent System framework, guided by the latest research about Talent Development


Talentopia is used to help explain the new Talent System. Using this framework, the latest research about Talent Development and the principles that underpin talent development for England Hockey, we have developed a new talent system that is less rigid and structured and allows for many more entry, exit and re-entry points.

Talent development is a non-linear and long-term process. Players have traditionally progressed along a linear pathway via county, regional and national teams. Heavily constrained by time, this is primarily a filtering system, especially at the early stages. The focus of the new talent system is on talent development and supporting more high-quality environments where players can thrive, develop and enjoy playing hockey with multiple ways to progress. Clubs, schools and county hockey all have their part to play in this more flexible system with different environments to meet the needs of different players.

Each environment a player is exposed to will influence the journey they take – whether it be a school, university, club, talent centre or talent academy. There is no right or wrong way to progress, and as we have seen over the past there are many different journeys that can take you to the top of the game.