Club Affiliation sees surge

Olympic Rings - Firebrands HC - Olympic Torch Relay day 2012

Affiliation is well underway with clubs across the country collecting membership information from existing and new members.
Many clubs are taking full advantage of the post Olympic surge and are benefitting from adding new teams for free to their ranks.

The impact of the Olympic Legacy has so far added a number of players to both large and smaller clubs alike. With many small clubs who were in a difficult position of having only 11 or 12 members seeing much healthier numbers around 20 which undoubtably makes for a more sustainable club.
Larger clubs are also seeing an influx, leading a good number of satellite sessions to be run within the community (satellite sessions are where a club runs sessions away from the club site to attract new members and assist with space issues at the club site)

It is most pleasing to note the number of new adults, as well as young people picking up a stick.
Many clubs are reporting strong adult numbers through programmes such as Back to Hockey and Rush Hockey, run as part of Hockey Nation - Give it a Go during the summer.

Please find below some great numbers from clubs really using this special year to make hockey matter within their local communities

Gravesend Ladies in Kent  - grown by 241% as a result of Give it a Go and Back to Hockey - congratulations!

Top 10 growing clubs:

Gravesend Ladies HC 241.67%
Elton Ladies 184.21%
Whitby Ladies HC 147.62%
Bristol Ladies HC 81.82%
Combined Services HC 75.00%
Leyland and Chorley 74.36%
Guildford HC 69.87%
Burton Pidsea HC 66.67%
Bury HC
Settle HC 60.00%

Please click here to see a full list of affiliated clubs so far.

For instructions on how to affiliate, and the benefits of club affiliation read more here

Please note the deadline for affiliating is 31st October 2012.
National League and Conference clubs, refer to the league regulations which impose a points penalty for late affiliation.

We look forward to completing the annual affiliation process for this season and continuing to work with all clubs to create a lasting legacy from what has been a very successful year for hockey.

Thank you to all clubs for the huge amount of volunteer hours which goes into community hockey.