Code Of Ethics And Behaviour (Respect)

What is England Hockey’s Code of Ethics and Behaviour?

Hockey players shake hands in line up

England Hockey is responsible for setting the standards and values that apply at every level of hockey as outlined in the Code of Ethics and Behaviour booklet, also known as Respect. 

Hockey is a sport that should be enjoyed by all who participate, be it as a player, official, volunteer or spectator. By producing this code, England Hockey believes that the highest standards of integrity can be held at all levels of the game and can therefore ensure the sport is enjoyable for everyone. The code applies to all players who are involved in hockey at all levels.

The Code of Ethics and Behaviour can be found to the right of this page where you can view the booklet in its entirety or click on specific sections that apply to different roles within hockey.

England Hockey takes any breaches of the Code of Ethics and Behaviour seriously. If you believe that a breach has taken place, please view the Disrepute Complaints page for further information.