Disrepute Complaints

What is a disrepute complaint and how can I make one?

Hockey Umpires having a discussion with a coach

If you believe that a person, group of persons or a club or association has breached England Hockey’s Code of Ethics and Behaviour (RESPECT) (that is not already covered by separate Anti-Doping, Safeguarding and Protecting Young People or Red Card and Match Day Misconduct regulations), then you can file a disrepute complaint. This can be done by filling out a Disrepute Incident Form, which can be found in the document library. The form can be used to report isolated incidents or a series of actions that have brought hockey into disrepute Once completed, the form will need to be sent to the Disrepute Complaints inbox, where it will be processed. If you are unsure of whether your complaint falls under disrepute, please consult the flow diagram below.

Disrepute Complaints Graphic

If you are sending a disrepute complaint on behalf of yourself, your form will need to be endorsed by an England Hockey affiliated body. This can be a senior member of your club, hockey association or umpire’s association. This is done in order to show that your disrepute complaint is being supported by a body affiliated to England Hockey. Any disrepute form without this will not be processed until the endorsement is received.

Disrepute complaint forms must be completed and sent to the Disrepute Complaints inbox within 14 days of the alleged disrepute taking place. If the complaint is regarding a series of actions, the date of the last action must have taken place within 14 days of the form being sent. Any forms received after this time will not be processed unless it is decided by England Hockey’s Disrepute Complaints Panel that there are exceptional circumstances at play.

For more in-depth information about disrepute in hockey, please consult our disrepute regulations.

If you wish to appeal against a disrepute complaint, please use the appeal form found on the Red Card and Matchday Misconduct Offences (MMO's) page.