England Hockey’s Disciplinary Administrators Forum

Access to the Disciplinary Administrator Forum

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England Hockey recognise the important role that Disciplinary Administrators play in ensuring the integrity of hockey. Disciplinary Administrators investigate disrepute complaints and implement Penalty Notification Forms (PNF’s) should a case be found to be proven. During this process, it can be helpful to seek advice from others who share the same role in order to see how they have tackled similar challenges.

The Disciplinary Administrators' Forum is an online meeting place where Discipline Administrators can speak to each other and members of the Discipline Team about any subject that they wish to speak about. Subjects for discussion are chosen by the members of the forum and the Discipline Team and give the opportunity for ideas around to be shared around among peers. The forum is free to sign up to and Disciplinary Administrators can opt in and out at any time.

If you wish to join the Disciplinary Administrators' Forum, please contact safeguarding@englandhockey.co.uk