Getting Started

Getting started as an umpire is not as daunting as it may seem. Learn more about the benefits of becoming an umpire and how to get involved

Adult male Berkshire hockey umpire from Newbury and Thatcham Hockey Club

Regardless of your age, ability or experience of playing hockey, if you have a passion for our game and wish to be involved in other ways, then umpiring could be for you. Whether you choose to umpire adults or juniors, there are multiple ways of supporting you as you start your journey in umpiring. 

People’s reasons for taking up the whistle vary; this could be to support the junior section in your club, to learn more about the rules and interpretations of the game, or to enable you to perform at the highest levels of the game. We asked Harry how he got involved and why he picked up the whistle.

As a new or inexperienced umpire, there are multiple resources available to help you to get started. The Hockey Hub is a central location for all our coaches and umpires, it is filled with courses and information including resources and insightful videos for all different types of umpiring including Quicksticks (a four-a-side game for 7-11-year olds), In2Hockey (a six/seven-a-side game for 10-14-year olds) and more. You can also sign up to online courses that will help you deliver your sessions.

Umpiring Courses