England Hockey Synopsis - March 2013

Members Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Holly Woodford, Katie Dodd, Andy Tapley, Mike Stoddard, Ben Rea, Sue Bodycomb and Katy Roberts.

In attendance: Simon Mason, Richard Leman, Rich Beer, Jilly Holroyd

The Chairman acknowledged that this was Simon Mason and Holly Woodford’s last Board meeting and thanked them both for their respective contributions. He also welcomed the new Development Director, Rich Beer as an observer.

Apologies: Apologies were received from Danny Kerry.

Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

Minutes of January Board Meeting

a)    Accuracy

The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.

b)    Matters arising and action items

·         With regard to RHA finances, Ian Wilson has received advice from Accountants, Hays MacIntyre (who work with other sports) and will set a date with the Regional representatives to meet as soon as possible.

·         Equality Policy with Katy Roberts for review.


1.     Executive Directors’ Report

As read with the following points to note:

Sally Munday advised that centralised training would commence on 8th April.  Player groups have been selected and consultations are underway.  A full list is not yet available due to some players still transitioning and further retirements, but should be available for the next meeting.                                     

Jonathan Cockcroft confirmed that Now Pensions were on board and have started working on the launch (9th April) and branding for the domestic finals weekend.  In addition there is much work to be done to rebrand Rush and In2Hockey to reflect the Now Pensions sponsorship.

In respect of the domestic finals, ticket sales are slowly building; however the look and feel of the event will be much improved from last year.  The 2 hour Sky highlights package will include a 5 minute feature for Back To Hockey (Women’s finals) and Rush (for Men’s finals).  Extra seating has also been erected at the venue.

The marketing initiative for our premier leagues clubs has been successful where there has been uptake but the number of clubs taking up the initiative is disappointing.

Katie Dodd confirmed that the National Hockey Museum were in the process of applying for a Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

2.     Increased Visibility

a.   World League 3, 2013

Jonathan Cockcroft confirmed the latest ticket sales.  The schedule is now agreed and the draw for us is positive.  Hospitality packages have now been agreed and we are currently working with Sky to agree costs around the TV coverage.

The Awards event is being held on Friday evening, which could potentially be an issue in terms of timing and costs for overnight stays for shortlisted individuals however it is felt that logistically there is little alternative.   

b.   Maxifuel Super Sixes

            As read.

Jonathan Cockcroft highlighted the success of the event and the improvements on last year.  Overall all our objectives were achieved.

The Board discussed the TV production and the potential need for a full size replacement pitch. 

3.     International Success        

a.     GB playing at world Level

Sally Munday and Richard Leman, as GB President, updated the Board on the consultation held with GB Hockey.

4.     Enhanced Infrastructure

a.     Umpiring Strategy

Richard Glynne-Jones, EHB’s Officiating and Volunteering Manager joined the meeting and presented the strategy to the Board.

A series of workshops and consultations had confirmed evidence of inconsistency in assessment across the country, inadequate training and low levels of engagement and retention.  There was a discussion around the understanding of these issues and agreement that the direction of travel was right. Further work would be done to develop the Strategy.

5.     Strong and respected NGB

a.     Management Accounts

As read

Ian Wilson confirmed the positive position with some good news still in the pipeline: Sport England funding, Now Pensions and WL3.  He added that the Executive team is reviewing priorities to determine which areas require some additional resource to make the most of any monies available and ensure operational objectives are met.

b.    RCC Report

The RCC wished the Board to support their proposal on single gender county hockey associations and it was agreed to circulate the statement proposed by the RCC.

c.     Committee Review

As Read.

Ian Wilson presented the outcome of the Executive team’s review of EHB’s committee structure. The major change was the recommendation to bring the work of the Masters’ Teams Committee and Masters’ Development Committee in house to reflect their strategic importance. It is proposed that the Clubs and Facilities Manager will lead the development work previously led by the MDC and that Stephen Barlow will lead the international teams’ area, liaising closely with the Selectors.   He emphasised that there is no intention to take Masters away from grass roots and volunteers, but to ensure an overview from a National Manager rather than a committee. 

One additional committee to be established is the Officials Development Committee.

The Board approved the change to the committee structure and the ToR for the Officials Development Committee.

d.    Reserves Policy

Ian Wilson highlighted the changes in the policy which moves away from 6 months non performance expenditure to a total of 12 months Sport England funding in reserve; which is consistent with our desire to be more independent.  It was agreed to review and amend the policy as the shape of the business changes in the future.

The Board approved the new reserves policy.

e.     Risk Register

As read.

Ian Wilson presented the amended Register and Policy.

The Board approved the amended Risk Register.      

5.     International Influencing Strategy

As read

The Board approved the Strategy.

6.     AOB

Simon Mason expressed his thanks and enjoyment of his term as President.

Sue Bodycomb thanked members of the Board for their support in presenting awards at upcoming events.

Holly Woodford expressed her thanks to the Board and wished Rich Beer every success.