Surbiton inspired by Dutch super clubs

Surbiton men

Premier hockey club, Surbiton have been inspired by the Dutch super club social parties and looking to host an end of season bash this Sunday.

Dave Beckett, player and sponsorship manager at Surbiton hockey club said “I think it is a great opportunity for members of the hockey family to come together to not only watch two of the top sides in the country battle it out, but is a chance for people in our hockey community to come together.”

“What we are trying to do is mirror what the clubs do out in Holland. From what we have seen they have parties at a specific club each Sunday which is open to all hockey players. With the national league coming to a close on the 26th of March we thought it would be a good to have as many of the hockey family celebrate the end of another exciting season. We will have live music and food and drink on sale from the bar.

The gates will open from 12:00 with the Surbiton men v Wimbledon at 14:00, following the game there will be live music in the bar which will close at 22:00.

“Hockey events are few and far between in comparison to Football or Rugby. With the Dutch idea in mind we thought what better way to get as many of the hockey family in one place at one time. It is always enjoyable socialising at these large domestic hockey events and this is something that we thought we would try to recreate.”

Please note any child that brings a copy of the flyer with their name and contact details on the back they will be entered in the prize draw, this will be drawn at the end of the match.

For more information about the event please see their social channels or website below! 




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