England Hockey Board Synopsis - March 2019

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Meeting Name: England Hockey Board 
Venue: Bisham Abbey 
Date: 19th March 2019

Lead: Royston Hoggarth
Note Taker: Helen Clarke
Present: Andy Hunt (AH), Ed Barney (EB), Ian Wilson (IW), Jonathan Cockcroft (JC), Katy Roberts (KR), Kate Swann (KS), Mike Stoddard (MS), Rich Beer (RB), Richard Sykes (RS), Sally Munday (SM), Sheila Morrow (SMo), Sue Bodycomb (SB), Neville Wrench (NW)
Apologies: Andy Tapley (AT)


Minutes of meeting held on 28th January 2019
Points of accuracy: The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.
Matters arising: None
Declarations of interest: None

Executive Report
As read with the following points: 
  • Ed Barney updated the Board on learnings from the FIHPL southern hemisphere tour
  • Jon Cockcroft informed the Board of a collaborative, cross sport broadcasting project being discussed
  • Hockey Futures Charity will recruit a new Chair. This position will be advertised
Growing Participation 
  • Rich Beer introduced Project 71/Hockey Heroes - a primary school age, participation growth campaign. The Board was very positive on the development and excited by the opportunity presented. 
  • Jon Cockcroft updated the Board on the operational readiness to deliver FIHPL and commercial position. The Board highlighted increased opportunities to promote FIHPL, both home fixtures and wider competition to improve awareness leading to increased ticket sales.
International success 
  • Ed Barney presented on the current position of the Fit for the Future- systemic success strategy. The Board discussed the presented options and requested additional exploration be undertaken on the preferred option so they could better understand the cost implications and implementation.
Enhanced Infrastructure
The Board discussed the adoption of the FIH’s new rules and requested Rich Beer continue to work closely with FIH to establish an appropriate solution.

Strong and respected NGB
  • Governance Review – structure consultation
  • Communication plan to be brought to May Board
Management accounts
  • Revised year end projection, including assumptions, to be shared with the Board
Risk register
  • A number of additions were suggested. The document will be updated accordingly
  • Risk register to be included for review at each Board meeting 
Injury monitoring
  • Board agreed that sample size is sufficient to identify trends and considered a report setting out the injuries reported to date. Most injuries incur in open play due to the accidental lifting of the ball. The data will be provided to the FIH so they can consider it alongside future reviews of the rules.
  • Where Officials are appointed to EH competitions, collection of data will become mandatory
Committee Updates including EDG Panel
  • Taken as read
Safeguarding case management report/trends
  • Taken as read
Mike Stoddard was congratulated on his election to the position of President. His position as NED is now vacant and the Board will consider its options ahead of the election in 2020.