England Hockey Club Engagement 2010: Stimulating Debate. Understanding. Partnership

England Hockey is pleased to announce the roll out of Club Engagement 2010 in January in order to establish a more structured and continuous two way dialogue between England Hockey and the clubs.

England Hockey is looking to gain better insight into clubs, to gain some clarity on club priorities and to establish what exactly clubs want from the Governing Body. 

What can your club expect to see from Club Engagement?
1. A direct email link with the CEO Sally Munday. You can email Sally any time and on any topic which is of importance to your club. Look out for the email address and further information later on in the month.

2. A webinar, which will be broadcast quarterly initially on EHTV. The England Hockey Executive Team will deal with the topical questions we have received from your clubs. We will continuously look at how to develop the webinar, taking into consideration the use of pre-recorded broadcasting, live interaction with live questions, broadcasting on location and a number of other variations to ensure we are as accessible as possible. 

3. Club visits. Let us come and meet you at your club. Between 2010 and 2013, England Hockey will begin to make club visits to see what your club is all about. We will be visiting for the primary task of letting you tell us how you are, what you need, and what you want from us in the future. Please bear with us in this particular area, with nearly 1000 clubs, it may take us a little time to reach you!

Most importantly from England Hockey Club Engagement, we want to collect of the information gathered and use it to help us to help you.

So what next?
England Hockey Club Engagement 2010 will launch later in January, so keep checking back.

In the meantime, we are collecting questions for our first webinar, the topic of which is, of course, England Hockey Club Engagement! Email any questions your club may have to info@englandhockey.org by the 18th January. We can’t guarantee that every question will be covered, but we will try our best to cover the major themes. Please put “Club Engagement” in the subject line, and then fire away.

We look forward to engaging with you and your club in the future, and wish you a successful 2010.