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Governance of England Hockey
The Board of England Hockey is committed to operating with clear and transparent governance processes in line with accepted codes of practice.

The company’s memorandum and articles are available for any affiliated member to read.

Since its formation in May 2003 the Board has been working its way through a hierarchy of governance procedures. This is an evolving process as the various bodies deemed to be necessary to achieve England Hockey's strategic priorities are defined and formalised. It has also ensured that England Hockey is compliant with the Code of Sports Governance which is a condition of the public funding that it receives.
The Board has agreed terms of reference for the following groups and committees to help govern the sport of Hockey in England:
  • The Board
  • The Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) 
  • The Audit Committee
  • The Remuneration Committee 
  • The National Disciplinary Panel 
  • Safeguarding Case Management Panel
  • England Hockey Appeal Panel
  • The Constitution and Regulations Committee
  • The Knockout Competitions Committee 
    • EHL Committee
    • Indoor Hockey Committe
  • Officiating Development Committee
  • Technical Appointments Panel  
  • The Player Pathway
  • Performance Centre Working Group
  • GB Coaching Leadership Group
All of the above groups report directly to the Board.  The indented groups are sub groups that report directly to that committee.

For full details on the Committees listed above please click here.