The Hockey Museum

Pride of England at HWC 2018
The Hockey Museum (THM) was launched at the end of 2011 and the aim of this new organisation is to preserve, share and celebrate the rich heritage and history of the sport of hockey, not only in Britain where the modern game started, but also from all round the world. 
The Museum is now home to a growing collection of hockey archives, artefacts and memorabilia. A key part of the work of the Museum’s team of volunteers is to register, collate and store these fascinating records and items and over time, to make them accessible to the hockey family and the wider public through the website, newsletters, displays and other exhibitions.

There are already over 1000 books in the Library and along with the magazines, handbooks and photographs, they provide a valuable resource for anyone studying our sport. Hockey illustrations, paintings and prints, many of which date back to the early days of hockey now number over 400 and the Museum also has a wide selection of playing kit in the form of clothing, sticks, balls and goalkeeping kit spanning hockey's 150 year 'modern' history. However, evidence of stick and ball games goes back thousands of years on at least four continents. The production of an Authorative History Of Hockey is one of our medium term plans as no such book currently exists.

We have complete playing records for England and Great Britain teams since they started playing in the 1890s, together with many photographs and match and tour reports and programmes.

The Museum and Archive is not just about international hockey. It is very much about all forms of the game and at all levels. Since 2012 we have been building up a record of all English club and their histories. We have information on over 4000 clubs and we are now encouraging all clubs to send us information and photos to verify and enhance these records. This collection also provides a fascinating insight into the changing social history of this and other countries over the last 150 years.

The archives and collections in The Hockey Museum are an organic resource and we are encouraging the hockey community and others to participate in and contribute to their development.

We have an enthusiastic group of volunteers who work together to preserve, record and store all the material donated to us and to promote the existence of The Hockey Museum.

The Museum was set up as a Trust in the autumn of 2011 and then gained Charitable Status in the summer of 2012. The next step will be to achieve Museum Accreditation in 2016. These steps will all help to safeguard the valuable collection that we are putting together. We are supported by England Hockey and have recently gone into partnership with the International Hockey Federation to lead their work to preserve hockey’s international history. THM is also a member of the Sport in Museums Network, the Association of Independent Museums and the Surrey Museums Consultative Committee and has recently been awarded its first Heritage Lottery Fund grant for an Oral History Project.

If you would like find out more about what we do, please go to The Hockey Museum website here. To donate any material, arrange a visit to the Museum or find out about volunteering, please contact our Curator - Mike Smith - at