Leadership Award

The England Hockey Leadership Award aims to provide a suite of leadership content and training for leaders aged 13 years or older and is split into two awards covering leadership within the games of Quicksticks and In2Hockey.

Course Structure
Each Award covers the following:

  • Introduction to Leadership 
  • Overview of the game
  • Delivering
  • Umpiring
  • Organising a festival
  • Managing a team (Bolt-on module)

Cost / Resources
Each Award is delivered via a course of online videos with supporting downloads which are available for FREE via the Quicksticks and In2Hockey websites. It is suggested that the resource/curriculum book and delivery cards are purchased to support the practical elements. These are available via Youth Sports Direct.

Leadership courses can be delivered by teachers, coaches or anyone with good hockey knowledge. Deliverers need to familiarise themselves with the course and follow the suggested course guidance for each Award. If you don't have a deliverer comfortable or familiar with Quicksticks or In2Hockey please contact your Relationship Manager who will be able to suggest someone (please note an external deliverer may charge).

Group Delivery Guidance
Seperate Leadership Awards are available for Quicksticks and In2Hockey, click below to view the course content, group delivery guidance and see which modules are currently available for each Award.

(Delivery format for 7-11 year olds)

In2Hockey (Delivery format for 10-14 year olds)

Please note – the content and training only provides a basic overview and introduction to each area, and therefore young leaders should only ever operate under the supervision of a qualified teacher or coach.