AASE Programme

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England Hockey AASE Programme

The AASE (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sport) programme is a government funded apprenticeship scheme designed to directly measure the athletes’ ability to plan, apply and evaluate their development in the appropriate aspects of Hockey. The AASE programme covers a range of modules; Strength & Conditioning, Psychology, Nutrition, Media and Communication Skills, Career Development, Lifestyle Management and more. Upon completion of AASE, athletes will receive NVQ certification and 40 UCAS points.

Who delivers AASE?

The AASE programme is delivered in partnership between England Hockey and Loughborough College. Players will be expected to attend 4 national camps providing a rich blend of on pitch technical and tactical sessions, presentations, 1:1’s and elements of portfolio work

How do I take part?

For the 2017/2018 intake players must be born on or between 01/09/2000 and 31/08/2001 and have been nominated for invitation to the programme by their Performance Centre.

Players born between 01/09/2000 and 31/12/2000 who attended U17 HiPAC in October 2016 who have subsequently been selected for Futures Cup in August 2017 are also eligible for the 2017/18 intake.


AASE is part of The European Social Fund.