Exciting Time for Masters' Hockey

Preparations are well advanced for the 2016 World Cups, for International Masters Hockey Association IMHA (ages 40 to 55) and World Grand Masters' Association WGMA (ages 60 to 75).

In March for the IMHA and May for the WGMA, England Masters' squads will be to travelling to Australia to compete in the 2016 World Cups.  Squads are entered for Women at over 40s, 55s and 60s and for the men at over 40s, 45s, 50s, 60s, 65s and 70s. The IMHA event runs from March 28th until April 6th in Canberra and the WGMA event from May 3rd until 13th May in Newcastle.  You will be able to follow the progress of our sides on the website and via twitter.  Over the next few weeks more information will be released.

As match reports become available they will be posted on the England Hockey Website