Headline HockeyFest 2
HockeyFest is focused on the friendly and social side of hockey, with clubs opening their doors to new and existing players. If you are feeling inspired following a summer of hockey then HockeyFest is the perfect way to join the hockey family. There is something for everyone, whether that is joining a junior section, being a parent coming back to the sport or volunteering.
HockeyFest 2017 ran between 19 August - 10 September.

In 2016 more than 23,500 players attended a HockeyFest across the UK. The event highlights the best aspects that the sport has to offer, including an equal split between men and women playing and being inclusive to all ages and abilities. With many clubs seeing a range of generations taking part, it really is a family affair.

If you are a club that wants to host a HockeyFest you can sign into the portal here for lots of helpful tips and tools that will enable you to host the best HockeyFest possible.

Sam Ward v Susannah Townsend

Olympiams Sam Ward and Susannah Townsend backed HockeyFest all the way as this year, after all, it was playing at their local hockey clubs that inspired them to where they are now. We put them to the test in a range of fun hockey challenges that you can recreate at your HockeyFest event.