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Take a look at the HockeyFest Club Support guide to help your club deliver a great HockeyFest

HockeyFest is focused on the friendly and social side of hockey, with clubs opening their doors to new and existing players. If you are feeling inspired following a summer of hockey then HockeyFest is the perfect way to join the hockey family. There is something for everyone, whether that is joining a junior section, being a parent coming back to the sport or volunteering.
Hockey fest 2018

The event highlights the best aspects that the sport has to offer, including an equal split between men and women playing and being inclusive to all ages and abilities. With many clubs seeing a range of generations taking part, it really is a family affair.

As we host the Vitality Hockey Women's World Cup in London this summer the nation will be inspired to get involved with hockey, to find their nearest club. We will be driving the crowd and fans to find their nearest HockeyFest event where clubs will be showcasing how open, friendly and welcoming hockey clubs are to the whole family.  

If you are a club and looking to host a HockeyFest sign up via Your World Cup portal here.

If you are looking to find your local HockeyFest event then check it out here.
Support Available to Clubs
  • Talk to your local Relationship Manager - they are able to provide hands on support and share great examples of how HockeyFest has worked at other clubs. Their contact details are available here.
  • Club Support Guide - A guide that supports clubs to host HockeyFest, available to download here.
  • Promoting your sessions - access a free online portal where you can personalise marketing items like posters and social media content to support your club in promoting HockeyFest to the local community.