Headline HockeyFest 2
HockeyFest 2015 saw a record number of 336 clubs take part in the biggest national campaign of the year! This year we are going even bigger with the inclusion of Wales and Scotland. It will taking place on 20th August to the 11th September 2016. 
Hockey Fest is focused on the friendly and social side of hockey where clubs open their doors to new and existing hockey players. If you are feeling inspired from the summer of hockey then Hockey Fest is a perfect way to join the hockey family. That can be from juniors to volunteering to parents coming back to the sport there is something for everyone. 

The list of clubs who will be taking part will be live from Wednesday 15th here. 

I am a club and I want to hold our own HockeyFest ..

In 2015 we saw 336 clubs opened their doors to thousands of new and current members. Clubs are still seeing the benefit of taking part in HockeyFest 2015 after really starting the season with a bang. In 2016 will be taking place between 20th august till 11th September, launching with Sevenoaks HC on August 14th. 

HockeyFest will be returning for 2016, so make sure your club is ready to be part of the biggest national campaign ever!  <Find out about HockeyFest 2016 Here> you have till Wednesday 15th June to sign up! 

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