HockeyFest 2016

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HockeyFest is all about the social side of Hockey, hockey players across the country have informed us that having a friendly and social club is a key influence in their playing experience. Supported by Notts Sports, HockeyFest is open to everyone and is a great opportunity for clubs to develop some club unity and enjoyment in the build up to the start of their season.

After Great Britain's Gold medal in Rio, HockeyFest is the place to be! Whether it’s as a hockey house showing live hockey, through to engaging with your existing players and encouraging new participants in a family and social day this is a great opportunity to show just how friendly, welcoming and social your club and hockey is.

Why should your club take part in HockeyFest 2017?

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What are the stats?

  • 335 clubs took part of HockeyFest 2015
  • 75% of clubs saw a positive impact on their club
  • Nearly 1000 new players took part in HockeyFest 2015
  • 26% of clubs involved in HockeyFest have grown from the 2014/15 season
  • 10% of these were shrinking in 2014/15
  • 25% of clubs involved in HockeyFest have grown in the last 2 seasons
  • 16% have maintained their growth from 2014/15
  • 11% have maintained their numbers
  • 4% have stopped their shrink
What did clubs have to say?

"Impacted the club as a whole”
“Brought the seniors and juniors together”
“All our members together, all ages and abilities”
"Social Festival"
"Great start to the season"
"Great to link with England Hockey"
"Brought in new players"