Team Sam vs Team Steph

sam v steph

As part of HockeyFest 2016 we got Great Britain players Sam Ward and Steph Elliot to take on a range of fun challenges that you can recreate at your very own Hockey Fest!

Meet Team Sam & Team Steph 

Sam WardSteph Elliott
Sam Ward
Steph Elliot
Holcombe Hockey Club Holcombe Hockey Club
English English 
Hometown - LoughboroughMiddlesbrough
Twitter @sam_ward12Twitter @stephelliott90
Instagram @Samuel_ward13Instagram @stephyelliott16
University of LoughboroughUniversity of Durham
Scored twice on his senior debut against Australia Her senior debut was against South Africa
If he wasn't a hockey player he would be
a car salesman
She can't leave the house with out her earrings

Sam Ward was crowned the 2016 HockeyFest Champion but will he be able to retain his crown in 2017? We can't wait to find out! 

Watch all of the 2016 HockeyFest challenges via England Hockey TV

Download your Team Sam or Team Steph mask to show your support!