U21 & Development Programme

U21 and Development Programme
At this stage players are challenged to become the best that they can be through the highest level of training and coaching.
What happens?
Selected players are immersed in a best-versus-best training and competition environment that supports the development of future senior internationals. The programme is delivered by senior international coaches and some of the best coaches from across the country. Training days focus on developing highly skilled players who can consistently execute under pressure. A competition environment for the U21s and U23s provides the toughest possible international competition with series and tournament against the best European and sub-continent sides.

How do I get involved?
Players are either selected from the England U18 squads through recommendations from National Age Group head coaches. Alternatively players can be nominated by National League clubs in the autumn of each year to attend trials in February. Following trials, players are invited to attend an extended period of the programme for talent confirmation. At this point players are formally selected to join the programme. In exceptional circumstances, nominations will be taken from National League coaches throughout the year.

What are the entry and exit points?
Nags players may be selected for transition into the U21/Development Programme at the end of an U18 programme. High potential NAGS players may receive opportunities to attend the Development Programme while playing in NAGS if it is thought to be beneficial for their stretch and development. These players are supported on a case-by-case basis by the NAGS and Development Programme managers and coaches. Players nominated through the club system will enter around February of each year.

Who is it run by?
The programme is run by the England Hockey head coaches and the head of Talent Development.