England Hockey ClubMark

EH ClubMark
Welcome to the updated accreditation system for hockey - England Hockey ClubMark. This version is more streamlined than ever and hopefully a useful tool for your club.

ClubMark is now available to all clubs and can be accessed through the Club Portal by clicking here. If you are interested in starting ClubMark please contact your Relationship Manager - you can find their details here.
Where are we now and how have we got here?
We started to review the ClubsFirst accreditation system back at the end of 2014 alongside Sport England’s review of ClubMark. We looked at the functionality and usability, as well as the purpose and brand identity.

Following the consultation and development of our “What Makes a Great Club?” and Sport England’s consultation of all things Clubmark, we put together the hockey specific accreditation system.

What has changed?
Clubs across the country told us that the criteria was too specific and there was too much of it, that uploading information such as certificates was too much and that the system was complicated to use.  The main problem was that it takes far too long and is an onerous task to complete as a volunteer.

We have:
  • Reviewed the criteria and turned it into a minimum operating standard
  • Made the criteria relevant for all – it’s a list of what you need to be able to run a club
  • Linked the system with the affiliation system
  • Introduced a new, cleaner system
  • Reduced the criteria to 15 statements and the requirements to the minimum
What is the purpose?
England Hockey ClubMark is designed to be a minimum operating standard for clubs to achieve to ensure they are functioning properly. It is a tool for clubs to check that they have the basics in place. 

We know that clubs will be doing and going above and beyond this minimum requirement and we encourage you to evidence this through the system.  This is your portal to show a true reflection of your club, the system also allows you to use it as a document storage system.  It may also be that your Relationship Manager pushes you to showcase yourself further or think about the next step and bigger picture.

We have striven to make England Hockey ClubMark a tool and not a task.