Adult Championships

Men's Championships and Investec Women's Championships

The new Men's and Investec Women's Championships means that any team within your club are able to enter - from your women’s 1st XI right down to your men’s 7th XI! 

This knockout style championship means teams can battle it out against opponents, in evenly contested games, against other teams from across the country - all with one thing in mind...reaching the National Final!

Mixed Championships

The Mixed Championships is proving our most popular competition to date; this is due to the social nature of the competition that has developed alongside the competitive element. 

It is a great chance for the men's and women's teams of your club to play together. Even better, your club can enter more than one team into this competition!

Changes for 2017/18

What are the biggest changes to the new Adult and Mixed Championships?

Any team can enter no matter your level.

Four tiers have been added to the championships, that have been designed to allow more entries and make the competitive standard more appropriate for your team. 

What tier would my team be in?

Entry to any of the four tiers of the championship is based on which league/division your team play in. 

This is automatically allocated when entering your team via our new competition management system, SportLoMo. 

If you would like to understand more about how you have been allocated that tier please see our guidance documents.

Entry is only open for Tier 3 & 4 and mixed! ENTER HERE

Discover how to enter your team into the Adult Championships, CLICK HERE.

You can find all the Competition dates in the top right hand corner of the web page under documents 

Entry deadlines (Entry fees)

Sunday 17 September

Men’s and Investec Women’s Adult Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 Championships (£60 per team)

Sunday 15 October 

Mixed Championships (£70 per team)

If you have any queries,  please email