Values & Behaviours

EH Values and Behaviours

Take a look at how we demonstrate our behaviours.

Our Values - What we Believe In
England Hockey’s values are what we believe in. They guide our thinking and our decision-making. We will navigate towards our vision whilst remaining true to these values and we hope to instil these values throughout the Hockey Nation.

Teamwork: We are a team sport where people unite behind a shared goal, whether it is playing a match, running a hockey club or putting on an event.

Pride: We have pride in our sport and the quality of our work.

Respect: We hold our sport, its values and its traditions in high esteem.

Openness: We believe in being open to new people, new ideas and new methods.

Our Personality - What we Demonstrate
England Hockey’s personality represents the behaviours we want our employees to demonstrate in the way they go about their business. We hope that everyone involved in the Hockey Nation will join us in demonstrating these qualities in their behaviour and approach.

Ambition: With energy and enthusiasm, we aspire to achieve more than we have done before.

Integrity: We are honest, open and fair. We listen to the opinions of those around us and make decisions that are both informed and considered.

Focus: We concentrate our energies on achieving our goals. 

Inspiration: We will lead energetically, initiate confidently, challenge constructively and motivate through our words, actions and decisions.