Your World Cup

Your World Cup 2018
In July 2018 we will welcome the top 16 teams across the globe to the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup in London. Since 2011, the number of people playing club hockey has grown by 40% which is incredible - thanks to our clubs.

To help make the most of this opportunity we are launching the ‘Your World Cup’ campaign; this campaign aims to inspire clubs to seize the opportunity of hosting the next big event after the Olympics, a World Cup on English soil.  

The Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup will further increase the visibility of the sport at both a national and local level, and by working together we want to capitalise on this increased visibility to see if we can provide opportunities for more people than ever before to enjoy our great game!  

We know every club is different and want to develop in different ways so we have developed a suite of tools to help you, a pick 'n' mix hockey tools you may say! From free hockey resources, promotional tools to once in a life time experiences at the Vitality Hockey Women's World Cup.

Club forums will be taking place across the country from now until March 2018, this is a great opportunity for neighboring clubs get together with their Relationship Manager to talk them though the opportunities and benefits that your club could have from being part of Your World Cup campaign. Get in touch with your Relationship Manager here. You can find the full list of locations and dates above! 

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