Small Sided hockey

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Small sided games and leagues are becoming more and more popular. Be it five, six or seven-a-side, here are some reasons why people enjoy them! For ideas on how to split your pitch up please take a look at the document to the side of the page.
Increase the numbers
By splitting your pitch into thirds, as opposed to two halves, means that you can increase the number of players taking part at any one time by around 50%.

Flexible rules and more touches
Although it is suggested that you play six-a-side over a third of a pitch you can play with the numbers available. The  game can be played with our without goalkeepers and the rules can be adapted for the players taking part. Reducing the amount of players per side increases the average amount of time players have on the ball.

A great example is from Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre who run seven a-side leagues during the week charging £30.00 per team, attracting around 20 teams. The league has a participation focus and is made up of lower club teams, back to hockey players and teams from local workplaces - the bar is open and teams socialise with one another during the breaks.