Walking Hockey

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A guide that supports clubs to offer Walking Hockey, from preparing and promoting sessions through to session ideas and simple rules. Click the title to download.

Increasing in popularity, Walking Hockey is perfect for players who are looking for a less physically demanding version of the game but still enjoy showing their skills and being involved in the team and social aspect.

Walking Hockey is exactly as the name suggests - you play Hockey, walking. It’s designed to help people keep an active lifestyle regardless of age, health and ability, as well as getting those back into hockey who had to stop due to injuries or other reasons.

As well as the health benefits associated with most forms of physical activity; keeping fit and active, weight loss etc there are also many social health benefits that come with playing Walking Hockey. Taking time to socialise, meet new people or even build confidence are all part and parcel of taking part in this version of the game.

Interested in giving it a go? You can find your nearest hockey club here.

Bromsgrove HC were the first club to offer Walking Hockey and now see over 50 people attend their sessions, proving that hockey really can be a sport for all. To read their story of how they got started, their top tips and how they have taken Walking Hockey worldwide to places including Australia, New Zeland and Dubai, click here. Also check out their Club Matters video below to find out more.

As more and more clubs offer sessions they have already found a wealth of benefits for doing so and they include:

  New Members – The session can cater for those players who are unable to take part in mainstream hockey
•  Keeping Members - Giving those that do play the opportunity to play for many more years
•  Increased Revenue – In addition to a small fee to cover the sessions, many club have also adopted a flexible membership option for Walking Hockey Players
•  Greater Publicity – By promoting suitable sessions to new or returning players and gaining positive PR, clubs have raised their profile in the local community
•  Social Offering - Letting social groups and families (and generations) play together in a fun and friendly environment
•  Additional Volunteers – With more individuals at the club the pool of potential volunteers increases
•  Maximum Pitch Usage – By thinking practically about the space available in existing bookings, many clubs have found they don’t need to book additional spaces and therefore get greater value for money
•  More Players – Whilst many start with Walking Hockey, over time you will find they can filter through to you Back to Hockey or mainstream club sessions

Support Available to Clubs

  • Talk to your local Relationship Manager - they are able to provide hand on support and share great examples of how Walking Hockey has worked at other clubs. Their contact details are available here.
  • Club Support Guide - A guide that supports clubs to offer Walking Hockey, from preparing and promoting sessions through to session ideas and simple rules. Available to download here.
  • Promoting your sessions - access a free online portal where you can personalise marketing items like posters and social media content to support your club in promoting Walking Hockey to the local community.