Roll of Honour

Boys' Schools Champs 2
Under 18 Cup

2018 Repton School Oakham School
2017 Whitgift School Repton School
2016 Repton School Oakham School
2015 Repton School Exeter School
2014 Whitgift School Canford School
2013 Whitgift School Cranleigh School
2012 Whitgift School Kingston GS
2011 Cranleigh School Whitgift School
2010 Repton School Whitgift School
2009 Dean Close School Worksop College
2008 Kingston GS Millfield School
2007 Kingston GS Millfield School
2006 Kingston GS Langley Park
2005 Millfield Langley Park
2004 Kent College St George’s College 
2003 St George’s College Felsted School 
2002 St George’s College Millfield 
2001 Havant HC Millfield 
2000 Kingston Grammar Cannock HC
1999 Millfield School Repton School 
1998 St George's College Repton School 
1997 Kingston GS Millfield 
1996 Wellington College Millfield 
1995 Millfield Simon Langton GS 
1994 Kingston GS Bedford School 
1993 Kingston GS RGS High Wycombe
1992 Kingston GS Bedford School 
1991 Calday Grange RGS High Wycombe
1990 Sir William Borlase’s Calday Grange 
1989 Sir William Borlase’s Wellington College
1988 RGS High Wycombe Bedford School 
1987 Millfield Kent College 
1986 Watford Grammar Millfield 
1985 Calday Grange Millfield 
1984 Varndean College Calday Grange 
1983 Calday Grange Coventry School 
1982 Warwick School Doncaster Grammar 
1981 Highfields School Sir John Dean School

Under 18 Plate

2018 Merchant Taylors School Charterhouse School
2017 Reeds School Caterham School
2016 Prior Park School Merchant Taylors School
2015 Oakham School Millfield

Under 16

2018 Whitgift School Dean Close School
2017 Whitgift School Reeds School
2016 Repton School King Edward’s School, Birmingham
2015 Repton School Whitgift School
2014 Trent College Repton School
2013 Repton School Whitgift School
2012 Dean Close School Simon Langton
2011 RGS Guildford Cranleigh School
2010 Cranleigh School Trent College
2009 Whitgift School Ipswich School
2008 Ipswich School Bromsgrove School
2007 Trent College Langley Park
2006 Kent College King Edward VI
2005 Kent College Kings, Macclesfield
2004 Langley Park Kingston GS
2003 Kent College Dean Close School 
2002 Kent College Beeston HC 
2001 St Georges College Millfield School 
2000 St George's College Calday Grange 
1999 Simon Langton Havant HC 
1998 St George's College Simon Langton
1997 St George's College Braintree HC
1996 St George's College Repton School 
1995 Repton School Eastbourne College 
1994 Homerton House St George's College 
1993 St George's College Simon Langton
1992 Trent College Bedford School 
1991 Homerton House Kingston GS
1990 Felsted School Kingston GS
1989 St George's College RGS High Wycombe 
1988 Sir William Borlase’s K E VI Southampton 
1987 Sir William Borlase’s K E VI Southampton 
1986 RGS High Wycombe Wellington College 
1985 City of  Portsmouth Kent College 
1984 Sir Willam Borlase’s City of Portsmouth 
1983 Handsworth Wood Merchant Taylors 
1982 Doncaster Grammar Coventry School 
1981 Coventry School Scarborough College 

Under 14

2018 Whitgift School St Georges College
2017 Whitgift School Cranleigh School
2016 Whitgift School Stamford School
2015 Repton School Dean Close School
2014 Framlingham College Repton School
2013 Kingston GS Whitgift School
2012 Whitgift School RGS High Wycombe
2011 Whitgift School Chigwell School
2010 Sir William Borlase's Dean Close School
2009 Ipswich School Millfield School 
2008 Kingston GS Trent College
2007 Ipswich School Cranleigh School
2006 Whitgift School Bromsgrove
2005 Perse Millfield
2004 Portsmouth GS Kingston GS
2003 Kingston GS Kent College
2002 Gresham's Millfield 
2001 Dean Close School Wolverhampton HC
2000 St George’s College Kent College
1999 Millfield Dean Close School 
1998 Millfield Repton School 
1997 Millfield Simon Langton
1996 Bethnal Green High Trent College