Governance Review 2018

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A robust governance structure that allows for maximum participation in hockey within a safe environment underpinned by an organisational structure that ensures consistency, accountability, transparency and communication at all levels.

At the March 2017 England Hockey AGM, a resolution to review the structures within the sport was proposed and passed with a 98% majority. The AGM resolution read as follows:

“This resolution proposes that England Hockey review the sport's current governance structure across the country so that it provides the best opportunity to develop the sport; increasing participation levels and the chances of sustained success at national and international level while safeguarding participants and giving members the best possible experience in the 21st century.” 

Working group
A working group to drive this initiative forward was established shortly after the AGM, comprising the following key individuals:

  • Chair - Liz Pelling (England Hockey Vice President) 
  • Board Member - Richard Sykes (Independent Non-Executive Director) 
  • Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) - Neville Wrench (nominated by the RCC)
  • Executive Directors - Rich Beer (Development Director); Ian Wilson (Finance and Administration Director) 
  • Independent - Christine Fisher
  • Head of Governance – Jennifer Agnew (joined the Working Group in June 2018)
Please click here to read the final AGM Resolution Proposal.

Progress timeline
  • March 2017 – AGM Resolution passed
  • July 2017 – Working Group presented a scope and timescale for the initial stages of the project to the England Hockey Board
  • August 2017 - AGM Resolution Update. Yew Consulting Ltd appointed to undertake consultation exercise
  • September 2017Notice of consultation exercise published and communicated
  • October 2017Online Consultation Survey live.  Open to individuals and representatives of clubs, leagues, county and regional bodies to complete
  • November 2017 – Five Consultation evenings held around the country  
  • February 2018 – Consultation results published in an Executive Summary Report (12 pages) and as a Full Report (82 pages)
  • March 2018 – AGM Resolution Update presented at England Hockey AGM
  • June 2018 – Invitations to an England Hockey AGM Resolution Update at the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup on 28 July sent to those survey respondents who had expressed an interest in being involved in further consultation
  • July 2018AGM Resolution Update Paper. Seven overarching principles of future good governance in hockey established by Working Group. Timescale for comment set as 10 October 2018. AGM Resolution Update held at Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre on Saturday 28 July, attended by 46 people.
  • September 2018 – Comments and feedback identified a gap in the consultation regarding the governance structure of junior club hockey. Expressions of interest sought to attend a one day workshop
  • October 2018AGM Resolution Update 1. Workshop to discuss the ‘gap in the research’ with regards to the Governance of Junior Club Hockey held on Monday 29 October, attended by 12 volunteers. Thank you to all those who were unable to attend but provided comments and feedback
  • November 2018 - The Vision, Principles and Requirements, underpinning the work on the AGM Resolution, received Board endorsement and will now form the basis of all future work in this area. The relevant output from the Governance of Junior Club Hockey Workshop has also now been incorporated within the wider AGM Resolution Governance Review work being undertaken by the Working Group
  • December 2018 - AGM Resolution Update 2
  • March 2019AGM Presentation by Working Group Chair.
  • May 2019 - Programme of Consultation Roadshows announced
  • July 2019 - AGM Resolution Proposal 2019AGM Resolution 2019 Survey. Alternatively, if you wish to download a version to discuss with your committee prior to completion, you can download the AGM Resolution 2019 Survey PDF Version
  • October 2019 - AGM Resolution FAQs
  • October 2019 - AGM Resolution Letter
  • November 2019AGM Resolution Research Summary
Please email with any comments or questions regarding the Review.

You can watch the AGM Resolution presentation below.