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The rules of In2Hockey are easy to understand and apply.

They have been separated into six-a-side or seven-a-side and have been simplified to be as easy as possible for coaches, teachers and players to understand. The six-a-side rules aim to bridge the gap from Quicksticks into seven-a-side In2Hockey and the seven-a-side rules lead into the 11-a-side game.

Key differences - Six-a-side In2Hockey
  • No goalkeepers
  • Added restricted zones for defenders
  • Amended penalty corners (4v2 power plays)
  • Amended penalty strokes (called penalty shots)
Seven-a-side In2Hockey
  • Introduction of goalkeepers
  • Penalty corners (as per 11-a-side hockey)
  • Penalty strokes (as per 11-a-side hockey)

Further information and guidance can be found in the Advisory Guidelines, where pitch dimensions, pitch markings and key safety points are also provided. The Advisory Guidelines and latest rules are available for download from the right side of this page.