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Whether your school already plays hockey or is introducing the game for the first time, In2Hockey has something to suit you! With the range of resources and equipment options, the game can be adapted as necessary to suit the hockey knowledge of the teacher, the experience of the pupils, the surface available to play on, and also the equipment that is available.
This section of the website covers:
England Hockey has developed a range of In2Hockey equipment to aid the delivery of the game, including a range of balls to suit delivery on different surfaces. To view the whole range of equipment, please click here.
The game of In2Hockey is accompanied by a range of resources to support delivery including delivery cards and 6-week session plans for each year group linked directly to the national curriculum. Check them out here.
In-Curriculum Delivery
The supporting In2Hockey resources have been designed to support the delivery within a school setting providing teachers with a 6-week block of session plans for each year group and a series of 48 delivery cards. Two additional bolt-on resources are also available to support the introduction of goalkeepers, and to help with the development of In2Hockey umpires.

Extra-Curricular Delivery
Why not set up an after-school or lunchtime In2Hockey club?! Use the session plans or mix the challenges to create your own activities for a weekly club.

Festivals and Competitions
Take your schools participation in In2Hockey to the next level by organising or taking part in an In2Hockey festival or competition. A wide range of competitions are available including national competitions, School Games related activity and developing schools/clubs activity. To find out more click here.

Three courses are available on introducing and delivering In2Hockey, introducing goalkeepers and developing umpires. Each course is available as a practical course or online.

Online courses offer more flexibility and can be completed at the candidates own pace, to fit in with their own schedule and commitments.

All online courses are FREE and available through the Hockey Hub.

For more information on all of the courses available please click here.

The England Hockey In2Hockey Leadership Course is a FREE course that provides resources to train young leaders in the delivery of In2Hockey. The course can be delivered in two ways, either as a practical course or online.

It is recommended that young leaders are aged 14 years or older, however the tutor can use their judgement on each candidates suitability.

A Club-School Link is an agreement between a school and a club to work together to develop the very best level of quality and opportunity for young people to play hockey within their local area.

By stimulating interest in the sport through good experiences at school, and then providing a seamless pathway for the participation to continue and develop further within a local club, we aim to ensure that young people can get the very most out of hockey and begin a lifelong involvement in the game.

To find out how a club school link could work for you and the benefits to your school, please take a look here.