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Welcome to the England Hockey International Masters pages dedicated to the women's and men’s national masters teams.

Many hockey players in England are blissfully unaware that one of the premier Masters Hockey competitions in the World, the International Masters Hockey Tournament (IMHT), has been running quietly in the Pacific Rim for over 29 years.  Originally intended for the Over 50s men, the competition has developed over the past eight years with the introduction of other age groups and a women’s competition.

From its inception the IMHT has been run by the International Masters Hockey Association (IMHA) this caters for age groups from Over 40s to Over 55s. The World Grandmasters Association (WGMA) does likewise for Over 60s, 65s, 70s and England and the Netherlands Men have recently played the first Over 75s match. Both IMHA and WGMA are recoginsed by FIH.

2011 saw the 1st official European Championships held in Krefeld & Neuss Germany and 2012 saw the 1st Official Masters World Cup being held in England.

2013 saw the 2nd official European Championships held in Lisnagarvey Ireland

2014 will see the 2nd World Cup being held in June in Rotterdam Holland.

England has Masters Sides for men and women, with the men fielding teams at O40s, O45s, O50s, O55s, O60s, O65s, O70s & O75s and the women fielding teams at O40s, O45s, O50s & O55s. The contacts for the chairs of selectors for each age group are shown below.


Women’s Over 40s - Deb Wilkes
Women’s Over 45s - Sharon Geeson
Women’s Over 50s - Jan Baker
Women’s Over 55s - David Gill

's Over 40s - Andy Bastow
Men's Over 45s - Nisar Chaudhry
Men's Over 50s - Ian Fitt
Men's Over 55s - George Johnson
Men’s Over 60s - David Gill
Men's Over 65s - Terry Howlett
Men's Over 70s - Ben Rea
Men’s Over 75s - David Ewing



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