Men's Hockey League

Hampstead & Westminster 2019 MHL Champions

Welcome to the dedicated pages for the Men's Hockey League.

There are 60 clubs in the league which features a Premier Division of 10 teams. For 2019/2020 a new Division One North/South structure has been added above the existing three regional Conferences – North, West and East. All of these leagues also feature 10 teams.

Men's Premier Division
Brooklands Manchester University
East Grinstead
Hampstead & Westminster
Old Georgians
University of Exeter

Men's Division One North Men's Division One South
Bowdon Brighton & Hove
Cardiff & Met Canterbury
City of Peterborough Oxford Hawks
Leeds Oxted
Loughborough University Fareham
Olton & West Warwicks Havant
Sheffield Hallam Sevenoaks
University of Birmingham Southgate
University of Durham Team Bath Buccaneers
University of Nottingham Teddington

Men's Conference East Men's Conference North Men's Conference West
Bedford Alderley Edge Ashmoor
Bromley & Beckenham Barford Tigers Cardiff University
Cambridge City Belper Cheltenham
Chichester Deeside Ramblers Harborne
Harleston Magpies Didsbury Northern Isca
London Edwardians Doncaster Khalsa (Leamington)
Old Loughtonians Lichfield Old Cranleighans
Spencer Preston Richmond
St Albans Timperley University of Bristol
Wapping Wakefield University of Exeter 2s

Click here to see a visual representation of each division on a map.

The teams play each other home and away to give an 18 week season that is played in two periods: September-December and February-April. At the end of the season there are a series of play-offs that decide who is promoted, relegated and crowned league champions.

Below the Men's Hockey League there are five regional leagues run by regional associations. The winners of these leagues are promoted to the Men's Hockey League for the following season.

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