International Volunteers

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There are a number of roles for those volunteers who are involved the international programmes, ranging from international representatives on committees to officials, umpires, tutors and educators.
International Volunteers
Our international volunteers participate at continental (EHF) and world level (FIH). England Hockey is fortunate to have very high calibre volunteers who operate at all levels and represent many different areas of the sport.

Volunteers who are International Representatives on Committees
One of England Hockey's six key objectives is to achieve sustainable international success at all levels. This statement is intended to embrace all participating roles – from players to officials and representatives within our sport.  Each year England Hockey is required to supply UK Sport (our international funding partner) with its "International Influencing Strategy".  The primary goal within the strategy is to increase England Hockey's influence on the world stage so that it can play a bigger role in the key international decisions that impact on England and Great Britain’s participation. 

Our international representatives on committees are:

David Collier FIH Executive Board 
FIH Hockey Rules Board (Chair)
Martin Gotheridge FIH Executive Board
FIH Events & Competitions
EHF Executive Board & President
EHF Competitions (Chair)
Andy Tapley FIH Marketing
EHF Marketing 
David Burt FIH Communication & IT
Pauline Wetton FIH Equipment
Margaret Hunnaball FIH Hockey Rules Board
EHF Umpiring 
Simon Mason FIH Athletes
Dr Mike Rossiter FIH Medical 
Cathy Harris FIH Communications & IT                     
Mike Hamilton FIH Development & Coaching Council
David Whittle EHF Nations
Sue Bodycomb EHF Clubs
Sue Catton FIH Competitions Committee

Volunteers who umpire or officiate internationally
England Hockey has a number of officials and umpires who operate at EHF and FIH events. To volunteer at this level as an umpire, you have to have an international accreditation (FIH Umpire Badge). FIH Badges are awarded following assessment by FIH Umpires Managers and Tournament Directors at international tournaments and events.  England currently has 16 active International Umpires and seven active Umpires Managers. Additionally we have four Umpires Managers on the international (EHF) training programme.

To volunteer internationally as an official, you have to be on the International Officials Register. The roles of International Officials are Judges, Technical Officers, Tournament Directors and Umpires Managers.  Each national association or federation around the world is required to submit a list of suitably experienced officials on an annual basis and the EHF and FIH then make the appointments.  To qualify for consideration for appointment to the England Hockey International Officials Register you are required to be an experienced and regularly available Tournament Director / Officer in the England Hockey Programme.