Junior Club Super 6s

Information for the Junior Club Super 6s competitions

Hockey - Super 6s - Penalty Corner


The Junior Club Super 6s Championships provide a competitive indoor opportunity for boys’ and girls’ sides at U16 and U18 age groups.

In line with the new Junior Competitions Framework, that has been developed off the back of the AGM resolution, clubs will enter the competitions via their Areas. Depending on the number of entries, teams may be required to first play in a County Championships round, with the best teams advancing to the Area Championships.

One team will then qualify from each of the eight Area Championships to take part in the National Championships Finals.

2021-22 season information

After being cancelled last year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Junior Clubs Super 6s returns for 2021/22.

The finals are being played at Aldersley, Wolverhampton on 15 & 16 January, U16s - 15th, U18s - 16th. You can see details of qualifiers, teams, pools and live scores in the match centre. See


For more information about the competition details for the coming season, continue reading below.