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What will happen to existing County / Regional HUAs?

England Hockey’s membership voted in 2017 asking the National Governing Body to do a full game governance review, incorporating all governance bodies across the game. Over the past 3 years, we have consulted widely on the new proposed structure “A Structure Fit for the Future” that 86% of members of EH in September 2020 would be adopted.

Since then, EH have worked tirelessly with volunteers across the game, in all functions (Leagues & Comps, Officiating, Masters, Discipline, Finance, Safeguarding to name just a few) to help land this overall governance structural change ahead of the 2021/2 season.

ALL existing governance structures had their delegated governance responsibilities removed from them on the 1st July 2021, with the new 8 Area Companies taking this on from the board of England Hockey. Since then, the Area companies have been holding inaugural AGM’s as they are now governing the majority of hockey.

Through the “Structure Fit for the Future” proposals, Officiating is moving from the current structure to align to the 8 Area Companies and all governance / responsibilities sit within the new Area Structure.