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Booking a Place on a Course/Event

You can access the list of courses currently available by visiting the HockeyHub. From there follow the below steps:-

1.       Decide which is the right event for you – most of these are delivered online and do not have any pre-requisites so you do not need to complete one before completing another

2.     Determine which date/time suits you best

3.     Click on the event you wish to attend

4.     Press the “Start a Booking” button

5.     Click on the “Add Yourself” button

6.     Ensure you have checked the box that confirms you have read the Terms and Conditions.

7.     Press the “Proceed to Checkout” button

8.     Press the “Pay Now” button


1.       You can only pay by card, there are no other payment options

2.     You can check for additional information on making a booking by clicking on the “Help with Booking” wording in the bottom left of the screen

3.     You can access additional options when you manage your booking by clicking on the three horizontal buttons on the right of the screen when you manage your booking (Event Bookings > Your event bookings > [Specific Event] > Manage booking). This is also where you add additional info if you are prompted that information is missing.

4.     You can book other people on and pay for them by, instead of clicking on the “Add Yourself” button, enter the email addresses for those you wish to book on, and then click on the “Add users” button – then follow the instructions.

Did you know that you can access additional events and access discounts to other events by taking out an Umpiring Membership?  You can do so by clicking here for more information and to take out the membership.