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Can I go on a Level 1 umpiring course if I do not meet the minimum age?

Sadly not - the minimum ages have been set for very valid reasons relating to safeguarding and appropriateness of both content, and the level at which young umpires should get involved in umpiring.  Whilst it may be argued that certain individuals are mature enough to benefit from attending the course, the national standard cannot be maintained at an individual level.  Instead, there are still plenty of opportunities for younger umpires to develop themselves through the Introduction to Umpiring (min age 12) or the online modules and/or Umpiring elements of the In2Hockey Leadership training.  These later options are far more cost effective, and also more likely to lead to young umpires enjoying their initial experience with the whistle, and then there are also plenty of practical opportunities to learn by getting involved with local Young Umpire groups, which, again, are far more suitable for their development than the Level 1 Umpire Course.