Injury Reporting

Reporting injuries sustained across the sport

Hockey player holding his face

England Hockey require data of injuries sustained across the sport so that trends can be identified and reported to both England Hockey’s Board and the International Hockey Federation (FIH). It is imperative that England Hockey collects this data in order to influence rules changes and improve the safety of the sport.

In order to collect meaningful data, England Hockey require clubs/associations to complete the England Hockey online ‘Injury Monitoring Form’ following injuries sustained that require one or more of the following:

  • Treatment from a first aid specialist (e.g. Team doctor/ first responder)
  • Hospital treatment
  •  Subsequent visit(s) to a GP

The reporting of injuries sustained on the field of play is a requirement for all clubs/ organisations who are affiliated to England Hockey as part of England Hockey's Injury Reporting Policy.

Please complete the below form for any injuries sustained which meet one or more of the criteria outlined above.

Injury Reporting Form