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England Age Group Players Win REPS Awards

The England Age Group programme has launched and presented REPS awards, recognising players who have exemplified key qualities and values throughout the season. 

Players and their families came together at the end of the 8 Nations tournaments in July to celebrate the inaugural awards and the progress that all the young players have made over the course of the year. 

Mark Bateman, Lead Talent Coach, explains: “The Talent System Framework highlights four key qualities that future Great Britain international hockey players need to thrive and succeed. Therefore, each England Age Group squad has awarded four players with REPS awards representing these attributes. We’re excited to bring these four values to life and celebrate them in our programmes.” 





“It was a lovely moment to see the winners’ teammates celebrating with them. Players are being recognised for values and behaviours that will hopefully inspire other youngsters to want to put on an England shirt in the future.”

Dieter Hill, Junior Talent Development Manager, commented: “The four management teams would like to congratulate all members of the England squads for their contributions this season. After a strange period of COVID restrictions, players have embraced the long-awaited opportunities and challenges of a full season of international hockey and made significant progress. We would like to thank all the parents, families, club and school coaches for their support of these young athletes and the England Age Group programme.” 

Further details about the winners and their awards can be found below.