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Hockey Mentors launch a new programme to help junior performance players reach their potential

The non-profit Hockey Mentors Project are excited to announce their launch. They want all junior performance players aged 13-18 to have the opportunity to reach their potential, so we can increase the talent pool. 

In particular, supporting more junior performance players from state schools, ethnic minorities and those with parental income levels below the national average.  

The Hockey Mentors Project Overview 

The Difficulties 

Lack of equal opportunities in hockey for junior performance hockey players aged 13-18 

The Mission Statement 

Hockey Mentors help junior performance hockey players with barriers to success reach their potential, so we can increase the talent pool.

The Solution 

The Hockey Mentors Academy 

The Hockey Mentors Academy has 100 spaces. It includes a variety of online sessions with top-level players, network support and in-person induction and graduation days (a fun big small-sided tournament called the ‘Hockey Mentors Cup’). For 24 players in the older years there is also the opportunity to be selected for the 1-1 mentoring with 20 mentors, including England/GB players. 

Hockey Mentors defines a junior performance player as anyone playing county level or above or playing a 1s/2s club standard (regional prem or above), who wants to play National League hockey in the future.  

Hockey Mentors have identified three key areas they believe to be to the barriers to success for junior performance players aged 13-18, with one or more being required to be eligible to apply.  

  • being at a state school 
  • being from an ethnic minority 
  • having parental income below the national average.

If the academy feels applicable to you or a junior performance player you know, we would encourage you to find out more details about applying to the academy at https://hockeymentors.org/academy/apply/ 

The academy is carefully structured around other commitments and will be easily manageable around playing hockey, schoolwork and social life. 

Applications are currently open and close 13 June 2021.

The Hockey Mentors Project has a long-term vision to have a significant impact by the 2028 Olympics. Working from their core values of diversity, player-led, positive mindset, collaboration and courage they have one key mission of increasing the talent pool in English/GB hockey

5 Key Aims

Reduce Barriers To Success-  supporting more junior performance players aged 13-18 from state schools, ethnic minorities and parental income below the national average to reach their full potential and achieve success in hockey.  

Change The Perception Of Hockey-  be a leading influence in making sure hockey is perceived as a diverse sport and one where junior performance players from all backgrounds are welcome. 

Strengthen The One Hockey Family-  be a leading influence in showing the hockey family the power of working together and putting self-interest aside. 

Make Hockey A Leader In Junior Athlete Well-Being- support hockey in becoming the leading sport for junior athlete well-being in England- encouraging balance, positive mental well-being and success on/off the pitch. 

Increase The Talent Pool In England/GB Teams- make sure the talent pool is as big as possible. As well as providing solutions to support this, Hockey Mentors want to work closely with England/GB Hockey to put a sustainable strategy in place. 

Hockey Mentors look forward to working with the hockey family on this project going forward and helping develop the game we all love.

Hockey Mentors would like to share thanks to England Hockey for their support. Although we should make clear there is no official endorsement or relationship in place, we have appreciated their feedback and expertise that has helped us maximise the impact of the project

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