Application of the Indoor Rules of Hockey for the 2019-20 season

East Grinstead in action against Canterbury in the Women's Super 6s Premier Division. Credit Andy Smith - 450
The FIH published the new Rules of Indoor Hockey in September 2019: These took effect internationally from 1 October 2019. National Associations have discretion to agree the date of adoption and request to FIH to vary these.

England Hockey confirms that the following three 3 major changes to the Rule will be introduced in England for the 2019-20 indoor season 
•    2.2 - Removal of Player with Goalkeeping Privileges (PwGKP)
This outlines that teams either play with 6 outfield players or 5 outfield and one fully kitted Goalkeeper
•    9.17 – Protective equipment being worn at Penalty Corners
Brought into line with outdoor rules, so if a discarded item of protective equipment stays in play, either a Free Push, Penalty Corner or Penalty Stroke is awarded depending on the location of said piece of equipment and whether it is preventing a goal scoring opportunity.
•    13.2e - Attacking Free Pushes within 3m of the attacking circle
Clarification that the ball has to cover 3m in play before it can enter the circle. This includes a player dribbling 3m, passing to a team-mate or using the sideboards as a team member in this instance.

England Hockey will not adopt the following rules for the 2019/20 season.
•    13.3a – Taking a penalty corner
Time and play is stopped after a penalty corner is awarded and re-started when the teams are ready. Teams must take the minimum time to take their positions and put on protective equipment (as a guide 20 seconds) and play is re-started when the teams are ready.

England Hockey will vary the following rules as follows.
•    5.1 – Timing of a match
A match consists of four quarters of 10 minutes, with an interval of 1 minute between quarter 1 and 2 and between quarter 3 and 4, and a half time interval of 3 minutes*) between quarter 2 and 3. (*may be varied for finals)
•    13.3a – Taking a penalty corner
Time is not stopped after a penalty corner is awarded (unless stopped by the umpire). Note that this may affect the return to the pitch of a suspended player – see specific competition regulations for more detail.

Reg 5.1 and 13.3a will apply to the Super 6s (Adult) Championships that start in January 2020. Reg 13.3a will also apply to any qualifying competition for the Super 6s (Adult) Championships and the Schools and Junior Super 6s Championships – qualifying competitions and finals.

England Hockey recognises that tournament formats and hall bookings often affect match time and therefore organisers are encouraged to continue to make necessary adjustments locally. This includes for any qualifying tournaments for the national Super 6s Championships. Generally, it is not recommended that matches less than 40 minutes in length are split into quarters.

England Hockey will monitor the number of corners in this season’s Super 6s to ascertain the feasibility of introducing 13.3a in full for the 2020-21 Championships. 

As previously stated, there are a number of changes to the Indoor Rules. These are all marked with a vertical line in the margin of the Rule Book. The key rule changes are summarised below, but players, coaches, umpires and officials are encouraged to read the full text of the new rules rather than relying on this document.

Key Changes
2.1 – If a team has more than the permitted number of players on the pitch, time should be stopped to correct the situation and a personal penalty may be awarded against the captain of the team involved.

2.2 – Goalkeeper substitutions with an outfielder must take place as a substitution.

4.2 – Clarification on the size and amount of protective equipment players can wear during open play and at Penalty Corners.

4.3 – Goalkeepers can now wear a coloured shirt (can be multi-coloured) but must be different from both teams.

7.2,3,4 – Ball out of play definitions and method of re-starting play bought in line with Outdoor Rules.

9.8 – Clarification on how to judge when a ball has been played dangerously.

9.17 – Brought in line with Outdoor Rules, concerning the ball hitting disregarded personal protective equipment after the completion of a Penalty Corner

11.4 – Umpires are to keep a record of goals scored and of suspension cards used.

13.2 – Clarification provided to treat all re-starts after ball has gone out of play or Free Push being awarded to be the same as 7.2-7.4 inclusive.

13.2e – Rules concerning the attacking team taking a Free Push within 3m of the Attacking Circle bought in line with changes to Outdoor Rule Set.

13.3g – new position for any defenders at a Penalty Corner who is not behind their backline.

13.6c – Clarification on what happens if a Defender or Attacker enters the circle early at a Penalty Corner.

13.7e – Sets out where a player defending a Penalty Stroke has to stand prior to the start of the Penalty Stroke.

13.9d – Additional explanation to clarify situations where a defending player at a Penalty Stroke successfully defends the Penalty Stroke but moves off the line before the start of the Penalty Stroke.

Umpiring Objectives
2.3c – Objective has been re-written to be clearer on how umpires should deal with players who abuse Opponents, Umpires or other Technical Officials.

For more information, please contact David Elworthy, Officiating Relationship Manager

Super 6s
Our Jaffa Super 6s indoor final will be back on Sunday 2 February 2020, stay tuned to England Hockey channels for more details and ticket information.

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