Belper HC - Not drowning but playing…A big Thank You to the Hockey Community

Belper HC Wellies - web
Belper Meadows Community Sports Club (BMCSC) worked hard to recover after being inundated by 1.5 metres of floodwater. 

The flooding left a layer of sludge and slime that amounted to tons of mess to clear when spread over the pitch used by Belper Hockey Club. But it didn't end there, the new Clubhouse, although built above predicted flood levels, was immersed by 450mm of floodwater. 
Belper HC Birds eye - web
The Clubhouse and playing surfaces under water on November 8 2019.

Dismayed but not defeated, all sections of the Club rolled up their sleeves, grabbed their wellies and got stuck in to the clean-up. A disaster recovery plan was initiated with the various sports sections of BMCSC working together. 

Hockey players of all ages, partners, parents and friends all armed with shovels, wheelbarrows and brushes cleared the pitch of the sludge and slime. The clubhouse was also on the plan. Another group, this time armed with cleaning supplies repeatedly scrubbed walls and floors to try and reverse the signs of flooding.

Support came in many forms, including a friendly building firm and even local townsfolk helped by washing kit. 

Thanks to the combined efforts, within two weeks of the flood both the pitch and clubhouse were back in use, albeit in an impaired mode.

Belper HC can't believe the great work by the volunteers! 

Belper HC mess
A fraction of the mess that volunteers had to clear up.

The impairments that remained included; replacing the pitch watering control system, repairing the disabled lift, deep cleaning and biociding of the pitch, clearing blocked drains and more.

All the remaining jobs required specialists which all came at a cost. The club estimated the costs would be around £8k but were in fact a lot more.

Belper Hockey were blown away by the generosity of the Hockey Community; they set up a JustGiving page and the donations came flooding in (couldn’t resist the pun). 

They were amazed to receive donations from Hockey Clubs across the country including some of their dearest enemies. 

Cash was gifted by members current and past, their families and friends, also by visiting; teams, umpires, individuals and supporters including Derbyshire Hockey Association. 

Within 6 weeks, Belper had met the original target and want to thank the Hockey Community across the country who wished them well and for giving their donations, time and putting in some hard graft. 

Belper have a long way to go but haven't let the flooding stop them. 

Belper HC Equipment
Specialist equipment hired in to deep clean the mud embedded in the Astro carpet and shock pad.