Officiating Management System

England Hockey's official portal to connect with your local Area’s Umpiring association to undertake neutral appointments

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England Hockey is delighted to offer a unified, centralised appointing system for umpires to access across the country and facilitate them taking neutral appointments and accessing additional umpiring activity locally.

The Officiating Management System (OMS) consolidates and drives all elements and stages of the England Hockey Umpire Development Pathway.  This includes the management of umpires at club level, communication of development opportunities at a local level to umpires and the promotion of opportunities for umpires to progress through the umpiring pathway. It also engages with the England Hockey Hockey Hub and accreditation system, to provide an engaging experience for umpires, umpire development officers, club umpire liaison officers and appointment secretaries.

Any member of the England Hockey Umpiring membership is eligible to register on the OMS and receive notifications on umpiring opportunities in your area.

The Officiating Management System