Back EHO Membership

How does the Member Subscription package and processes work?

As we are encouraging all Officials to become a member of the EHO, a centralised and tiered membership subscription offer will be made available for all Officials. The exact details of the membership subscription packages will be confirmed shortly.

To reduce administration and “cost burden” to Area Officiating Committees, centralised costs such as websites, insurance and other costs that are common across Officiating will be moved to an EHO cost to be paid.

A portion of all paid membership subscription packages will be retained centrally to cover all communal costs as outlined above, with the remaining funds being transferred to the appropriate Area Officiating Committee to enable them to deliver against their objectives. This will be determined by the home postcode of the Official

No membership subscription fees retained by EHO will be used for any activity outside of the objectives of the EHO and EHO will operate to break even each year, with any small surplus’s being reinvested back into Officiating.