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What is the England Hockey policy on the wearing of face masks?

In line with the FIH rules of hockey (The Rules of Hockey 4.2), England Hockey strongly recommends that face masks should be worn across all age groups and playing formats when defending a penalty corner.

It should be noted that a face mask can be worn throughout a match if there is a medical reason why it is appropriate.

England Hockey recommends that clubs undertake and evidence a risk assessment in relation to the wearing of face masks across all age groups and playing formats. Download a template of the risk assessment form.

England Hockey ClubMark is a hockey specific accreditation system, designed to set a minimum operating standard for clubs to achieve and ensure that the appropriate risk assessments policies and procedures are in place. It is a tool for clubs to check that they have the basics in place.

For details on how to complete England Hockey ClubMark head to the specific Clubmark page on our website.