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Alex Danson-Bennett MBE To Be Appointed England Hockey President

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Alex Danson-Bennett MBE is set to assume the role of England Hockey President when she stands unopposed at this year’s AGM on March 12, 2024.

Danson-Bennett, a celebrated player renowned for her exceptional skills and leadership both on and off the field, has captivated audiences throughout her illustrious career spanning over a decade. Her remarkable achievements, including securing Olympic gold at Rio 2016, Bronze at London 2012, and clinching three Commonwealth Games medals, solidify her position as one of the most influential figures in England and Great Britain hockey. Beyond her prowess as a player, Danson-Bennett is esteemed for her unwavering dedication to promoting the sport and nurturing the next generation of players through her coaching, mentoring and international influencing endeavours.

Additionally, Nick Welby and Shelagh Everett are set to assume the roles of Vice-President and MENED (Member Elected Non-Executive Director) positions, respectively, after standing unopposed. The candidate applications for all three nominees have been included in the calling notice for the AGM, which has been distributed to the England Hockey membership.

We extend our warm gratitude to Alex Danson, Nick Welby, and Shelagh Everett for their nominations, and eagerly anticipate their formal announcement at the upcoming AGM on March 12, 2024.

Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic about collaborating with Alex, Nick, and Shelagh in our collective efforts to enhance the visibility, relevance, and accessibility of hockey in the years to come.